Hobbitenango, Guatemala (Photos, Review + Complete Guide)

Thousands of miles from New Zealand’s more famous Hobbiton is Guatemala’s equivalent: Hobbitenango.

High in the mountains above Antigua, this fun-filled attraction is just a short drive from the city. A day out here is popular with backpackers, digital nomads and families alike enjoying activities like axe throwing, archery, mini-golf and the giant tree swing.

There’s something for everyone here. From views of erupting volcanos to the famous Hobbitenango Hand, which is perfect for photos.

So plan your visit today with this complete 2024 guide. Including lots of Hobbitenango photos so you can see what it’s really like and where to find the giant hand in Guatamala…

Welcome to Hobbitenango! The image shows a large painting placed at the park's entrance

Where is Hobbitenango Guatemala?

The Hobbiton of Guatemala town is located 8 km northeast of Antigua, in the village of Vuelta Grande. The Google Maps pin is the location of the entrance.

The entrance is as far as cars and taxis can go. From here, you need to take a 4×4 ride up the mountain to the main park area. This is included in your ticket price.

What is Hobbitenango?

Located in the mountains overlooking Antigua, this is a subtly-themed park. Here you’ll find viewpoints, games, adventure activities, restaurants and bars.

The park itself is fairly small – perfect for a half-day trip. But importantly your entry ticket allows for unlimited turns on the activities and games, which is where the value comes from.

From the lofty position on the hillside, you’ll enjoy a break from the city with incredible views of the three volcanos. Agua, Fuego and Acatenango can all be seen on a clear day from this Hobbit paradise.

The park also has a hobbit house hotel. With this, you get night-time and early morning views of Antigua and some of the best volcanoes in Guatemala as well as a unique experience to always remember.

Morning views of Fuego and Acatenango from the hills outside Antigua

Entrance Fees

A ticket to Hobbitenango Antigua Guatemala costs 50Q per person (30Q for children aged 4 to 10). This charge applies every day of the week.

The cost of the ticket includes the following:

  • Transport in a 4×4 from the ticket office where the taxi/shuttle drop-off area and car park are located
  • Access to all viewpoints, walking trails and green areas including the famous, giant hand in Guatemala that’s here
  • Unlimited access to the games, activities and giant tree swing (weight restrictions apply)
  • One soft drink or beer

Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm

On weekends and holidays, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat breakfast or lunch at the park. The cost of this includes complimentary entry.

Breakfast runs from 8 am to midday and costs 149Q for adults (69Q for children). And, lunch runs from 12.30 pm to 5 pm costing 184Q for adults (79Q for children).

The giant hand of Guatemala at Hobbitenango with the volcanic landscape and lush green hills

Best time to visit

Overall, the best time to visit is on a weekday morning.

This is because the busiest times are weekends, national holidays and afternoons. And generally, the skies are clearest in the morning giving the best views of the volcanos (but do check the weather forecast).

When I visited Hobbitenango Guatemala, I’d stayed at the nearby Earth Lodge the night before. From my treehouse in the forest, I’d been able to watch the sunrise and enjoy cloudless views of the volcanos.

Because of this, I didn’t feel I missed out when I got to the park and the views were mostly cloudy. However, if you’re coming for the views, arrive early!

A swing with floral decorations and a Hobbitenango sign above it

How to get to Hobbitenango from Antigua Guatemala

It’s just 5 miles from the centre of Antigua to the entrance of Hobbitenango.

Your options include the Hobbitenango shuttle, Ubers, metered taxis and a tour. Of course, if you have your own car then you can drive to the entrance.

But however you get to the entrance, you’ll need to then take a 4×4 jeep further uphill along a steep and bumpy route. The jeeps seat around 10 people and run all day between the entrance and the park (it’s included in your ticket as no cars are allowed on that road).

Uber or taxi

Taxis and Ubers are the cheapest option for groups of 2 or more. Expect to pay around 60Q for the journey between Antigua and Hobbitenango.

If you are leaving in the middle of the day from Hobbitenango to Antigua, you’ll likely be able to find a taxi that is dropping someone else off. Or you can try ordering an Uber (or hitchhike).

Hobbitenango Shuttle

A shuttle run by the park operates between Antigua and the park regularly throughout the day. This costs 95Q per person for a round trip but does include the entrance ticket (making the shuttle 45Q return).

You need to book the Hobbitenango shuttle in advance, either by phone (3090-8812) or at the Antigua office.

Alternatively, take an Uber. It’s cheaper anyway unless you are going there by yourself.

Private transport

Free car parking is available at the entrance of Hobbit Land Guatemala. Although spaces are limited.

Alternative parking can be found around the entrance. This is generally on the property of locals, for 15 to 20Q for the day.

Looking towards Agua Volcano from one of the viewpoints at Hobbitenango. The top of the volcano is hidden behind fluffy white clouds

What’s on offer at Antigua’s Hobbit Land

You’ll never be bored here, that’s for sure. Between the hiking trails, games, viewpoints and bars, there are plenty of things to do at Hobbitenango Antigua Guatemala.

Games and activities

Don’t forget, your entrance ticket to the park includes unlimited turns on all of these activities!

Archery, axe throwing and machete throwing

At busy times you’ll need to choose between 3 bows, 3 axes or 3 machetes (or mix and max) per turn. Of course, you always queue up again to try another.

Otherwise, you’ll get to have a go at all of them, under the guidance of a member of staff. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks!

Zoe on the giant tree swing in Hobbitenango with views over the valley below

Hobbitenango Swing

This is perhaps the main attraction as it’s definitely the most thrilling. After being securely strapped in, you’ll be swinging through the air overlooking a skyline of volcanos.

The Hobbitenango Swing has a weight limit of 200 pounds (90 kg). Plus, you’ll need to sign a waiver beforehand.

As this is the most exciting activity at the site, it’s also the most popular. You’ll find the shortest queues early in the day, though you can normally always manage to find a quiet period.

But, it’s all totally worth it, this was by far my favourite activity at the park. Just one go on the Hobbitenango Swing feels like it’s worth the entry fee alone.


Test your putting skills on the 6-hole mini-golf course. Simple, easy and fun for all the family!

A slingshot game where you try to knock down the boards with small bean bags.
Fair games including giant jenga and balancing blocks on a circular base

Fair Games

A good selection of fair games such as giant Jenga, slingshots and bean bag throwing are located across the site.

For these, simply go and have a go when they’re free. There’s no designated section or queue.

Artesanal Market

You’ll find a few stalls selling crafts, gifts, jewellery, natural products and more around the park. Make sure to bring cash for any purchases.

Zoe stood on the Hobbitenango hand. The tops of the volcanos are hidden by cloud but you can see the bases of Agua, Acatenango and Fuego


With the volcano views on offer, it’s not surprising that Hobbintenango is full of viewpoints and photo spots. You definitely don’t want to forget your camera when coming here!

Hobbitenango Hand

Perhaps the most photographed part of the park is the Hobbitenango Guatemala Hand Statue. The grey troll’s hand hangs out over the green land below making for epic photos and cool views over the Panchoy Valley.

Expect a queue as the Hobbitenango Hand is a very popular place in the park. It’s not uncommon to see wedding or quinceañera photo shoots taking place on the hand, which can take time.

For the best chance of getting clear views of the volcanos from the Hobbitenango Hand in Guatemala, make sure you’re at the park early. You’ll find it by following the path to the right and through the trees after you’ve come through the second park entrance (after the 4×4 ride).

The Hobbitenango Hand viewpoint and phot spot with Volcano Agua hidden behind the clouds.

The Nest

The Nest – or El Nido in Spanish – is a seated lookout area that can also be booked for a private meal.

Reservation times are for breakfast (9 to 11am), lunch (1 to 3pm) or dinner (4 to 6pm).

Bookings require a minimum of 2 people, up to a maximum of 12. The cost is 50 USD per person, of which, 25 USD is redeemable in food from the menu.

So whether it’s a romantic dinner or group lunch you’re after, you can book El Nido through the official Hobbitenango Antigua Guatemala website.

Other Instagram-Worthy Spots

Around the property, there are a handful of other photo-worthy spots. From angel wings to well-framed swings.

A giant troll face behind the Hobbitenango hand

Restaurants and Bars

Within the park, you’ll find a small selection of bars and restaurants.

Breakfast is mostly Guatemalan cuisine, but for lunch and dinner, you can get pizza, pasta, burgers, steaks and a variety of main dishes. Both soft and alcoholic drinks (including beer, wine and cocktails) are served.

Prices are slightly higher than what you’ll find in downtown Antigua, but not overpriced.

One of the hobbit hole houses at the Hobbitenango Hotel. Stay overnight at the park and witness the volcanos at sunrise

Staying at the Hobbitenango Hotel

  • The Hobbitenango Casitas (little houses in Spanish) form the park’s hotel with 3 available. The biggest Hobbit house sleeps up to 6 people and all have their own bathroom and private outdoor space. Prices aren’t that cheap but it’s a unique stay, for sure – book directly on hobbitenangocasitas.com.
  • Another option is the park’s El Descanso Lodge, located 1 mile from the entrance of Hobbitenango Guatemala. This large property sleeps up to 12 guests in 6 double beds and is very cost-effective at 116 USD for groups of up to 6 (10 USD per person after that up to 12 people total).
  • A cheaper option, particularly for couples or small groups, is the nearby Earth Lodge (30Q Uber to the Hobbiton of Guatemala). This eco-resort has incredible volcano views and amazing properties like treehouses and forest huts.

For a closer look at those lava eruptions from Fuego volcano, you HAVE to do an Acatenango hike. Whether you opt for the one-night, one-day or two-day and one-night treks, this complete guide to the Acatenango hikes has you covered.

A pink-doored hobbit house in the side of the hill

Do You Need to Like Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit to visit?

No – and take that from someone who doesn’t but still loved Hobbitenango Antigua Guatemala.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the Hobbit holes and doors, you’d never know this was supposed to be Hobbit Land. The theme is very subtle and there definitely could be more. But I think this way, it caters to everyone.

I mean, maybe if you’re a massive LOTR/Hobbit fan, you’d be disappointed. Although I think you can still enjoy it for what it is.

An autumnal scene in Hobbit land with a chair for taking photos in front of a tree decorated with yellow and orange leaves

Is Hobbitenango Worth Visiting? (Review)

Absolutely! There are so many things that make the short journey out of Antigua and the low entrance price worthwhile.

Firstly, the swing alone would cost you 50Q per go in other places.

So, just having that included – let alone an unlimited amount of turns – makes the entrance fee worth it. Then you can enjoy all the other games to your heart’s content (or until the park closes).

Secondly, the views are incredible – especially from Guatemala’s giant hand.

Even on overcast days, the clouds move quickly and you’ll still likely get a view of the volcano peaks. Plus, the stunning panoramic views of the lush green fields and volcano slopes make a trip even more worthwhile.

And finally, it’s just a fun, relaxing place to be.

Away from the busy (and bumpy, cobbled) streets of Antigua, you get to feel like a kid again. How many times in your life do you get to go axe throwing followed by mini-golf followed by a tree swing – all under the shadow of active volcanos? I rest my case!

All in all, I highly recommend taking this fun day trip out of the city!

If you have any questions or want any more information, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Information is correct as of January 2024 but is subject to change in future.

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In the mountains above Antigua is Guatemala's Hobbit paradise: Hobbitenango. A playground for adults and children alike, experience the thrill of the giant tree swing, axe throwing, archery, minigolf, fair games, viewpoints and much more!

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