Hi, I'm zoe

Backpacking traveller, adventure seeker, writer. Currently on a dream trip through Central Asia visiting Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan!

I’ve always loved to travel. From countryside or seaside day trips in the UK to fast-paced city breaks and idyllic weeks on tropical beaches. 

So, in 2021, I pressed pause on my corporate writing job to backpack around the world. A journey that is documented through the in-depth, honest and practical travel guides I write as a travel blogger.

zoegoesplaces.com is an outdoor- and adventure-focused travel blog. Mountains and volcanos, beaches and waterfalls, hiking trails and adventure sports, and so much more. 

So whether you’re looking for something near or far, long haul or hometown, you can find your inspiration here. There’s no adventure too big or small…  

Recent Articles

Stood on the edge of Bamford Edge admiring the view at sunset
Bamford Edge, Peak District: Everything You Need to Know

A complete 2022 guide to Bamford Edge in the Peak District: Parking, Public Transport Links, Facilities, Walking Routes, Climbing and more!

Thor's Cave entrance on the side of a cliff
Thor's Cave Walk: 4 Circular Route Options From Wetton

4 easy-to-follow Thor's Cave walk routes starting from Wetton village in the Peak District. Maps, directions & parking info are all included!

There are many waterfalls in Colombia, most of which offer the opportunity to cool off from the near-equatorial heat
11 Stunning Waterfalls in Colombia Worth Visiting

Find your next adventure with this guide to 11 of the best waterfalls in Colombia including hidden gems and the most popular falls.

An ash cloud spewing from the crater of Fuego volcano, with Acatenango visible on the right. These are two of the best volcano hikes in Guatemala
Hiking Volcanoes in Guatemala: The 5 Best (Complete Guide)

Want to go hiking volcanoes in Guatemala? Struggling to pick from the 37 in the country? Here are the 5 best volcano hikes in Guatemala...

Doing the Pacaya Volcano hike is a fun half-day activity, you get to see an active volcano up close and personal as well as the vast lava fields shown here
Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala (The Lava Flows are Gone!)

Your 2022 guide to the Pacaya Volcano hike: a place to roast marshmallows on an active volcano. Tours, prices, recommendations and more...

Hike Indian Nose on the edge of Lake Atitlan for a spectacular sunrise surrounded by volcanic landscapes
Indian Nose Hike (Watch Sunrise Over Lake Atitlán): 2022 Guide

Experience a majestic Lake Atitlán sunrise on the Indian Nose hike, costing as little as $10! Find out more in this up-to-date 2022 guide...

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