Hi, I'm zoe

Backpacking traveller, adventure seeker, writer. Currently on a dream trip through Central Asia visiting Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan!

I’ve always loved to travel. From countryside or seaside day trips in the UK to fast-paced city breaks and idyllic weeks on tropical beaches. 

So, in 2021, I pressed pause on my corporate writing job to backpack around the world. A journey that is documented through the in-depth, honest and practical travel guides I write as a travel blogger.

zoegoesplaces.com is an outdoor- and adventure-focused travel blog. Mountains and volcanos, beaches and waterfalls, hiking trails and adventure sports, and so much more. 

So whether you’re looking for something near or far, long haul or hometown, you can find your inspiration here. There’s no adventure too big or small…  

Recent Articles

Cascada Misol Ha Waterfall Chiapas, water falls straight from the cliff edge into the green-coloured pool
Misol-Ha Waterfall, Chiapas: Guide to Palenque’s Best Waterfall

Misol-Ha Waterfall: Palenque's best & closest cascada, reachable by tour or colectivo. Plan your trip today with this complete guide...

The town of Guadalupe in Santander, Colombia
Guadalupe, Santander: Your Guide to Colombia’s Little Known Town

Guadalupe Santander is an underrated Colombian town, the perfect base for those that love outdoor adventures in nature! Find out more...

Bright artwork displayed on the streets of Comuna 13 Medellin
Comuna 13 Medellín (Guide & Recommendations For This Must-Do)

Comuna 13 Medellín is a neighbourhood with a fascinating & dark history. Today, the area is a bustling tourist attraction with grit and soul.

Palomino Beach in Palomino, Colombia. Palm tree-lined with golden sand
Palomino Beach (Colombia’s Caribbean Paradise): Ultimate Guide

Golden sand, blue seas & palm trees. Palomino Beach is Colombia's north coast paradise. Find out more about this natural beauty...

Tubing in Palomino, on the Palomino River, is an absolute must-do activity. Be surrounded by nature for a couple of hours as you gently bob down the river
Tubing in Palomino: Complete Guide to a Must-Do Activity (2022)

Tubing is Palomino's most popular activity, travelling from the jungle to the sea. Here's the different tour options, what to expect & more...

Playa Taganga is just 5 km from Santa Marta. Here you can get boats to Tayrona National Park
Playa Taganga (Is This Santa Marta’s Dirtiest Beach?)

Taganga has a huge trash problem & it's ruining Playa Taganga & Playa Grande. Find out about the problem & nearby beaches to visit instead.

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