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This is the place where adventure, travel and practical, honest guides come together. I’m Zoe and I’m here to help you plan travels with more adventure, more fun, more beauty and less stress about how to get there, what to expect or other practical considerations.

Zoe smiling at the camera with both arms in the air, stood in front of a waterfall that takes up the whole frame

What Zoe Goes Places is About

My passion for travel is exploring the great outdoors and finding adventures home and abroad. And that’s what Zoe Goes Places is all about.

Here, you’ll find a hub of detailed guides and resources to help firstly inspire you and then secondly help you plan and book your adventures. My destination, attraction and transport guides are full of essential travel tips, personal recommendations and honest thoughts.

And I also love to find out unique ways to explore popular places – how to beat the crowds and get a magical experience. You’re guaranteed to get practical information that will help you plan your trip. I don’t shy away from the details.

Importantly, everything on Zoe Goes Places is written by me based on my personal experience and opinions. I don’t give recommendations on places I haven’t been or write generic guides to towns, cities and attractions.

About Zoe

Hi, I’m Zoe. British travel blogger and the one-woman operation behind this website.

I’m originally from London and lived there until I moved to Yorkshire in 2011 to go to university. And, I’ve been here pretty much ever since.

Like many young people in this country, my life was pretty standard. School, college and go to university with no idea of what I wanted to be or do.

I was lucky to go abroad for holidays as a child to popular resorts in Spain, Portugal and Greece. When I was 16, I went on a school trip to Venice – driving by coach through France and Switzerland. I remember being so amazed by the Alps and the mountainous landscapes, I’d never seen anything like it!

Then at 18, I had my first real taste of travel when I went to China for two weeks visiting Beijing, Kunming and Lijiang. Every moment felt surreal. I knew then that I had a lot more travelling in my future!

Zoe stood on Robben Island in front of a postcard-style picture spot that shows Table Mountain and Cape Town across the water.
South Africa in 2017
Zoe stood on the Bund in Shanghai. Behind is the famous skyline of Shanghai including the Shanghai TV Tower and Shanghai Tower
Shanghai in 2019

Despite the allure of a gap year fuelled by my trip of China, I instead went straight to university for 3 years. Followed almost immediately by doing a PhD in biomechanics and getting started in the working world as a Medical Writer. But I wasn’t willing to work for another 40 years until I retired, using only my annual leave and bank holidays to fuel my passion for travel.

Indonesia in 2019
Croatia in 2020

So, in May 2021, I quit my job and picked up my backpack and one-way to ticket to Mexico.

Before this trip of a lifetime, I’d already visited 21 countries across 4 continents. But I felt like I’d barely scratched the surface of pretty much everywhere I’d been. I yearned for a deeper connection to the places I visited.

And this almost 2-year trip, certainly did just that. In fact, I feel like a piece of my heart is left in many of the countries and cities I visited along the way.

From Mexico, I headed to San Francisco, followed by Guatemala, Belize and down through Central America to Costa Rica. Then Colombia and Panama via the San Blas Islands, before a layover visit to Montreal, Canada on the way back to the UK for a short visit.

Next up was a whirlwind 6-week trip in Central Asia, exploring Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. And finally, back to South America to see the best of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and finally Brazil!

Zoe stood in front of Volcan Agua just as the sun peaks over the horizon
Guatemala in 2021
Zoe at the top of the volcano with the lake and crater behind her
El Salvador in 2021

This site is full of my top experiences. Like watching an active volcano erupt from above the clouds in Guatemala. Snorkelling the Belize Barrier Reef. Getting engaged at Machu Picchu Mountain overlooking the ruins. Feeling like a bird while paragliding over the Chicamocha Canyon in San Gil.

But there are countless others too that haven’t been documented (yet). Sailing through the postcard-perfect San Blas Islands in Panama. Driving through the mountainous landscapes of South America. Sampling the foods of the old Silk Road in Central Asia. Watching the World Cup in Argentina. Seeing humpback whales in Peru.

Uzbekistan in 2022
Peru in 2022
Brazil in 2022

It all feels like a weird dream in a different life now I’m back in the UK. But, I know for sure, it’s not the end of my travels. It’s only added to the passion that I have for exploring this beautiful planet we live on.

More About me

Top bucket list destinations:

    • Everest Base Camp & Nepal
    • Jordan
    • Tajikistan
    • Pacific islands

    Favourite countries visited to date:

    • Mexico
    • Guatemala
    • Peru
    • Argentina
    • Kazakhstan

    Favourite cities visited to date:

    • Manchester
    • Chicago
    • Buenos Aires
    • Bishkek

    Countries visited: 42

    For more about me and my travels, head over to my Instagram @zoegoesplaces.

    Zoe in Barcelona, stood on a hillside the city spans out behind her