Best Time to Visit El Salvador (Don’t Skip It!)

Planning a trip to Central America’s smallest country? Then you’ll want to know what the best time to visit El Salvador is.

Knowing the weather, how busy places are and when peak season is can help you budget and book as necessary without missing out. Plus, you’ll know what to expect when planning different activities and tours.

So whether you’re coming to chase waterfalls or lay on the beaches, this guide on the best time to travel to El Salvador has all the answers you need…

Looking along the pebble shore at El Tunco on the Pacific coast

When is the Best Time to Visit El Salvador?

Your reasons for visiting El Salvador as well as your budget and planned activities will determine the overall best time to visit.

That said, for the best weather, head to El Salvador between December and February each year.

And for the best combination of good weather with low season prices and less busy attractions, aim for November or April.

Visiting between May and October will mean far fewer tourists but rain is pretty much guaranteed most days. Which can mean days out become far less enjoyable.

Looking across the lake near Suchitoto to the hills of El Salvador in Central America

Best Time of Year to Visit El Salvador

The best time of year to take a trip to El Salvador is in the northern hemisphere winter and early spring.

Between December and March, you’ll have the best weather. Plus, for many Western tourists, it means you get a break from the grey, wet weather of the winter months.

Because El Salvador is a country full of outdoor activities, visiting during the months with the most sunshine makes for a more enjoyable experience. The dry season runs from November to April when blue skies are almost guaranteed.

Outside of this time, heavy downpours and lingering clouds can be expected. Particularly on higher ground, such as the popular Santa Ana Volcano.

Aside from the weather, the best time of year to visit El Salvador is outside of peak holidays. While visiting the country at Christmas or Easter can be a special experience, prices will be higher and places will be busier.

What is the Rainy Season in El Salvador?

The El Salvador rainy season runs from May to October.

During these months, sharp downpours of rain are more common rather than all-day rainfall. Additionally, temperatures are still high, creating humid, sticky conditions.

Unless there is a nearby hurricane or tropical storm, rainfall tends to be heavy afternoon showers. The roads often flood for a short period, before the heat evaporates all the water in just a few hours.

Because of the intermittent rain and high temperatures, it’s still possible to enjoy a trip to the country in the rainy season months. However, you should pack waterproofs if spending time outdoors and be prepared for heavy clouds if heading into the highlands.

That said, the rainy season is the best for visiting El Salvador’s waterfalls. As this is when the water levels are highest, as in the dry season some dry up completely! But ultimately, the best season for El Salvador is the dry season.

When is Summer in El Salvador?

El Salvador’s summer runs from November to April.

As a tropical country, it doesn’t have 4 seasons seen in other parts of the world. Instead, there are only two seasons.

The rainy season (winter) where it’s hot and wet pretty much daily. And the dry season (summer) when it’s hot and dry all the time.

Looking up at two palm trees against the blue sky of El Salvador with a couple of wispy clouds

What is the Best Month to Visit El Salvador?

For high temperatures and little rain, the best months to visit El Salvador are December, January and February. For the lowest prices, fewer crowds and pleasant weather, visiting in November or April can strike a good balance.

December, January and February see almost no rain in El Salvador. These months also correspond to the peak of the tourism season, with many snowbirds travelling in from colder climates.

March sees a little rain each year. With November and April having a handful more rainy days.

And, unless you specifically want to spend Holy Week (Semana Santa) and Easter in the country – falling in March or April, it’s a good time to avoid.

This is because prices are higher, hotels and experiences are booked up in advance and there’s more crowds pretty much everywhere. Especially on the coast, in towns like El Tunco, where Salvadorians like to escape to the beach.

However, outside of Easter (and Christmas), November and April are the shoulder season months. This makes them a great time to visit El Salvador as prices are lower and places aren’t as busy.

What is the Hottest Month in El Salvador?

The hottest months are March, April and May based on annual historical data. In these months, daily highs are pretty consistently over 86 Fahrenheit/30 Celsius.

Away from the coast, the temperatures are highest. And it’s not uncommon to experience temperatures over 95 Fahrenheit/35 Celsius during these months in cities like Santa Ana.

What Months are Summer in El Salvador?

November, December, January, February, March and April are the summer months in El Salvador.

Of these, December to February is when you’ll get the best weather, generally speaking. While still summer, November and April do see a few rainy days.

Looking down on Lake Coatepeque from Santa Ana volcano

Best Time to Go to El Salvador, a Summary…

BEST TIME OF YEAR TO VISIT EL SALVADOR: During the northern hemisphere winter (Late November to March)

THE BEST MONTHS TO VISIT EL SALVADOR: December to February for weather and November or April for low prices and few crowds

RAINY SEASON: May to October

DRY SEASON: November to April


Do you have any questions or want any more information? If so, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Information is correct as of April 2023 but is subject to change in future.

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