Ride the Teleférico Puebla for Panoramic City Views [Cable Car Guide]

The Teleférico Puebla – cable car of Puebla – is one of the more unique modes of transport available in the city. While not covering a long distance, this is a quick, cheap and easy way to get an incredible view of the city’s skyline. The backdrop of the various surrounding volcanoes isn’t too shabby either.

Riding the cable car in Puebla is a great activity for people of all ages. This helpful guide explains where the cable cars are, how to get there, opening times, ticket prices and the many things you can see and do around the cable car stations. In short, everything you need for a successful trip!

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Why ride the Teleférico Puebla?

The Puebla cable car is a short but scenic mode of transport. On a clear day, you can enjoy views of the city with a backdrop of the Iztaccihuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes. And on a less clear day, you can enjoy views of the city with a backdrop of clouds! City highlights include the Puebla Ferris wheel, Puebla cathedral and the striking blue and white buildings of the Hidalgo neighbourhood right next to the tower.

If not just for the views, then riding a cable car is fun! Who doesn’t like gliding smoothly through the air 58 metres above the ground?! People who hate heights need not answer. But, the Teleférico Puebla is a fun experience from start to finish.

Firstly, you get good views from the tower – almost 360 degrees worth as you can walk around the outside of the top floor with its ceiling-to-floor glass windows. Then, you get to take some fun photos before you ride the cable car. These are available to purchase after your ride. Finally, you actually get to ride the slow-moving cable car – slow is perfect to have plenty of time to enjoy the view and take photos. And, while the journey may not take more than 10 minutes, the cable car is a cheap way to get a bird’s eye view of the city.

What’s more, once you disembark from the Puebla Teleférico in the park, there are still lots of places to explore. Next to the upper cable car station is the Museo de la Evolucion Puebla and the Puebla Planetarium. Further into the park, you have some old forts to explore – such as Loreto Fort Museum and Guadalupe Fort Museum. As well as several viewpoints including Mirador la Mantarraya, Mirador de los Fuertes and Mirador Fuerte de Guadalupe (fuerte = fort).

Then, once you need to refuel there’s a few cafes in the park – The Coffee York Los Fuertes, Cafe Punta Del Cielo Centro Los Fuertes and Cafe Sierra Negra. Plus, there are a few food stalls by the cable car station in the centre of the park.

The cable car of Puebla - a great place to see all of the city

Where is the Puebla Cable Car?

Puebla is a sprawling city 2 hours southeast of Mexico City in the state of Puebla. The Teleférico Puebla has two stations in the city.

One is in the Moctezuma neighbourhood on Calle 2 Norte – very near the Monument to Ignacio Zaragoza. See it on Google Maps here. While the other is in the centre of the Zona Histórica de los Fuertes (Historic Zone of the Forts) – next to the Exhibition Centre and Planetarium (Google Maps pin here). The 660-metre cableway stretches between the two stations over the park. Both stations are located northeast of the Centro Histórica (historic centre) of Puebla.

The Teleferico Puebla cable car station

How to get to Teleférico Puebla

If you’re coming from the city centre, I’d recommend heading first to the cable car station at the Ignacio Zaragoza monument. It’s the one that’s most easily reachable and then you can decide if you just want a single ticket that will take you into the centre of the park. Or, if you want a return ticket – with this you’ll be able to get back to the city centre quite quickly and get double the views. Additionally, the station in the park is more uphill – so by getting the Puebla Teleférico up, you’re saving your legs some work! Essential given the altitude of Puebla!

From the main square (zocalo) of Puebla, it’s just one road to the cable car station. Head north on Calle 2 Norte – past the hospital and McDonald’s until you see the cable car station on the left-hand side. The distance is 2.5 km and the walking time is around 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can order an Uber – typically for less than 50 pesos – or flag down a taxi.

Zoe stood by the Puebla sign in the park next to the cable cars.

Ticket prices and Opening times

NOTE: The cable car is currently closed indefinitely for repair with no date given for its reopening.

  • One-way ticket (viaje sencillo): 38 pesos
  • Return ticket (viaje redondo): 57 pesos

Usual opening times: 10.30am to 9.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays. (These are subject to change at short notice).

If you have any questions or want any more information, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Information is correct as of January 2023 but is subject to change in future.

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