Wain Wath Force (Yorkshire Dales Waterfall)

Wain Wath Force (Yorkshire Dales Waterfall)

Wain Wath Force is a scenic, although not altogether striking, waterfall in the northern part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The falls are not the tallest, with a drop of around 2 to 3 metres. But, the waterfall is quite wide and that adds to the beauty of the area.

Aside from the falls themselves, there is a viewing spot on the river bank set back from the road. Here, you can get the best views of Wain Wath Force. Plus, if the weather’s good you can easily go for a paddle in the water. Additionally, the falls have a picturesque backdrop of limestone cliffs making it the perfect place for a lunch spot or sit down on a walk in the Dales.

Of the waterfalls around Keld, Wain Wath Force is the most popular due to the ease of accessibility. However, compared with some of the more popular Yorkshire Dales waterfalls, it is still well off the beaten path.

You’re most likely to find photographers or walkers enjoying the falls than coach loads of tourists. In the summer months, you may find brave souls jumping off the waterfall tops or swimming in the plunge pool.

Did you know? Many waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales (and the north of England) are called Force or Foss as this was the Old Norse word for waterfall


Located on the River Swale about 1 km west of the small village of Keld lies this beautiful waterfall. Wain Wath Force is on or close to 2 long-distance walking route. Firstly, the falls are less than 1 mile off of the Pennine Way.

Secondly, the Coast-to-Coast route runs along the B6270 road from Keld before crossing the River Swale. From here, the Coast-to-Coast route runs parallel with the river on the northern side of the falls. This long-distance walking route runs from Robin Hood’s Bay on England’s east coast through much of North Yorkshire to St Bees in Cumbria – just 182 miles of walking!

With Wain Wath Force’s proximity to Keld, comes proximity to a handful of other waterfalls. To the east of Wain Wath Force on the River Swale are Catrake Force and Kidson Force. Further, both Currack Force and East Gill Force flow into the River Swale from smaller becks.

To visit many of the Keld waterfalls, check out this Yorkshire Dales Waterfalls Walk! It includes Wain Wath Force, as well as Currack Force and East Gill Force, and an abandoned farmhouse with incredible scenic views.

Getting to Wain Wath Force

One of the best things about Wain Wath Force is being able to park right by the waterfall. Space is available on the sides of the B6270 main road by Wain Wath Force for easy access. The gated entrance to the river bank viewing area is also on the roadside. This means no long, muddy or wet walks are required!

If you’re visiting other waterfalls around Keld, then the best option would be to park in the village of Keld. Parking is available at Rukin’s Campsite, £1 for a few hours and £2 for all day.

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Yorkshire Dales: Wain Wath Force

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