Unique Travel Gifts: 17 Ideas for your Travel-Loving Valentine

Looking for something special for your travel-loving valentine this year? Want to bring a smile to the face of a wanderluster who can’t travel at the moment? Then you’re in the right place! I’ve compiled a list of unique travel gifts, all of which can be delivered so you don’t even have to worry about the shops being closed! Whether your valentine likes budget or luxury travel, staycations or long-haul destinations – there’s something for everyone…

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Unique travel gifts for those that like to get crafty…

For those that like to keep track of their travels, then this Travel Stamp Map will be the perfect gift. Containing a passport-style booklet with maps of the world, two inks, one stamper and a carry case it’s a great keepsake gift to keep for years to come.

Additionally, with its compact design, it’s a more space-efficient option than the popular scratch maps or those that need to be framed.

£19.59 on Amazon

Made up of 100 drawings of the 100 best places in the world, the Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book will keep you occupied for hours! Perfect for those who want to reduce their screen time, relax or refine their art skills.

Also, this colouring book doubles up as travel inspiration, with a small description of each place included. In fact, it’s guaranteed to bring on wanderlust! Indeed, you can also discover places together that maybe one day you’ll visit.

All things considered, why get a normal travel book when you can get a travel book that you can colour in?!

£7.56 on Amazon

Small travel jewellery box shown containing a small mirror, two rings and a pair of ear rings in narrow cushioned partitions. Two bracelets are shown in a separate partition. Take inspiration for unique travel gifts!

…And for stylish travellers

This compact Travel Jewellery Box is perfect for those who want to take their accessories on the road! Measuring just 10 cm by 10 cm, and just a couple of centimetres tall, this jewellery box will fit in any handbag, rucksack or suitcase. Additionally, with a hard, protective case your jewellery can be safely transported and stored

The bottom section contains a rings row and separate partition, which is removable to make space for larger items. Around the mirror are 6 holes for hanging earrings. The tab above the mirrors allows this to be pulled down to reveal the top section. Which comes complete with 3 hooks for necklaces or bracelets and a small pocket for safekeeping. This unique travel gift is a perfect choice this Valentine’s Day!

£10.99 on Amazon

The average make-up wipe takes 100 years to decompose! 100 years for each and every wipe you’ve ever used! For the eco-conscious and make-up wearing traveller, these Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads will make a great gift.

These come as a pack of 20 and can be used on both sides. Also, they come with a small net laundry bag so once you’ve used them all they can just be popped in the washing machine. But, they can also be washed by hand. Meaning they’re perfect for using time and time again whilst away!

£8.99 on Amazon

Ever stayed in a hotel only to find the only mirror is on the inside of the wardrobe door mostly in the dark? Stayed in an Airbnb with no mirrors? Ended up trying to do make-up in your front-facing camera? Without a doubt, this Compact, Foldable, Lightweight Travel Mirror is the perfect gift – and it comes with 8 LED lights that are battery powered for illumination.

Weighing just under 250 grams and measuring 15 x 13 cm, this mirror can easily slot into any handbag, rucksack or suitcase. Additionally, with the benefit of a foldable stand, you aren’t reliant on finding something to prop it up.

£9.99 on Amazon

Unique travel gifts with a side of novelty…

A cute idea for those who spend hours at their desks dreaming of… well not being at their desk! This Alpaca Mousemat will compliment any home or professional office! While also putting a smile on the face of your gift receiver as they think of their next adventure!

£7.99 on Amazon

One of the best parts of travelling anywhere in the world is the amazing food you get to experience. What’s more, after a hard day being an adult there’s nothing I’d love more than to be able to wrap myself up like a burrito and pretend I’m in Mexico. Everyone loves burritos. They’re warm and fun and they don’t have day jobs!

This valentine’s day treat your loved one to the gift of being a human burrito with this Tortilla Blanket! Also, it’s available in avocado and pizza designs if your valentine would prefer.

£19.66 to £21.99 on Amazon

For those that love to sleep… anywhere and everywhere

Sleeping on the go is difficult. Buses and planes are loud and bright, and some hostel/hotel rooms aren’t much better. However, in-ear headphones fall out, over-ear headphones make it difficult to lean against headrests or windows and many eye masks aren’t even worth the effort!

This Headphone-Eye Mask Combination is the perfect solution and practical present. Additionally, it has up to 10 hours of battery life and connects via Bluetooth to play your music. Available in a range of colours to suit your loved one.

£21.99 on Amazon

Indeed, for those who struggle to sleep in new places, this Portable Background/White Noise Machine will be an excellent choice of gift. It comes with 9 pre-programmed background noises including thunder, rainfall and ocean waves. Additionally, it comes with a timer, so perfect for drifting off to sleep (but not playing all night).

Powered by either USB or AA batteries, this small (8 x 8 cm) device is ideal for travelling with. So why not treat your loved one to a good night’s sleep!

£22.99 on Amazon

Gifts for those who want to protect the environment…

We should all be doing more to look after the planet and sometimes travelling can seem counterproductive. Firstly, there are the carbon emissions from flying and then there are the ethical dilemmas of tourism in different parts of the world. This Sustainable Travel Handbook from Lonely Planet is a handy guide and one of the best unique travel gifts for an aspiring eco-friendly adventurer!

The book includes guides on how to reduce your carbon footprint, greener train journeys and less impactful multi-day activities. Together with how to enjoy nature, wildlife and foreign cuisine responsibly.

£9.79 on Amazon

And for those who pack the kitchen sink…

We’ve all been there… Packing for a long weekend and wondering why the suitcase is even more full than for your two-week beach holiday! These Compression Packing Cubes will be a saviour to any over-packer!

Unsurprisingly, packing cubes are already one of the biggest travel hacks, these go even further and have zips for additional compression. Therefore, allowing you to fit even more into your suitcase!

Additionally, they double up as a great way to organise different types of clothes and accessories within your luggage. So perfect for the neat and tidy traveller in your life too!

£23.99 for a set of 6 on Amazon. Different colours available

Four books are shown. 1: The Travel Book, 2: The Rough Guide to Myanmar, 3: Best in Travel 2020, 4: Explorer, holiday planner. Inspiration for some unique travel gifts this Valentine's Day!

For those who love reading and planning as much as travelling…

Lockdown might have scuppered a lot of your plans… for both valentine’s day and more generally. However, the end is in sight! And while international travel might take a while longer to resume, we can look forward to staycations in 2021!

Lonely Planet has compiled the UK Ultimate Travelist: 500 of the best experiences across all four home nations and the Channel Islands. It’s the perfect gift to inspire a travel lover. Also, you can sit down together and plan your next romantic getaway with inspiration from the book!

Available as a Kindle book (£12.99) and hardback (£15.12) on Amazon

Want to gift a larger dose of wanderlust? Ready to start thinking about travelling abroad again? All in all, this Ultimate Travelist Worldwide is a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!

A complete list of the best 500 places to visit all around the world. It’s an excellent addition to any bookshelf and you’ll be hard-tasked to pick where to go first. Recently updated in late 2020, this version is available as a 300-page hardback book.

£15.52 on Amazon

For the budget traveller in your life, this is the gift that will keep on giving unique travel gifts! Lonely Planet’s Free Things to do Around the World book covers 60 cities on 6 continents.

Want to find out how you can take part in free bicycle tours or yoga classes? Unless you’re on the lookout for something less strenuous, then you might be interested in where free rooftop cinemas and wine tasting sessions are. This is the perfect book to gift! Perfect for planning a romantic getaway or holiday together – you’ll be reaping the benefits of this gift for years to come!

Available on Kindle (£11.04) or as a paperback (£12.92) on Amazon

Or give the gift of unique travel experiences… later this year!

For something you’ll remember for years to come, give the gift of travel and share unique travel experiences!

This Red Letter Days Glamping Break voucher is valid for two years from purchase – making it perfect for holidaying in these times. Furthermore, it’s valid at 25 sites across Great Britain, so you don’t need to decide yet where you want to book.

Perfect for those that love the outdoors, with a romantic mix of a glamping pod for two!

£59.99 on Amazon

However, if glamping isn’t quite your style, why not experience themed hotels/apartments? For Harry Potter nerds, why not take a trip to Hogwarts in this at The Enchantment Chamber in the historic city of York! Complete with decor, a four-poster bed and magical potions, this is a stay you won’t forget!

But, rest assured this apartment still comes with all the mod cons of the muggle world – free WiFi, a kitchen, TV, hairdryer… the lot! All of this located less than half a mile from the centre of York so you can continue to experience the magic of the city.

Two-night minimum stay, prices vary by date.

If Lord of the Rings is more your thing, then you can stay in Hobbiton in North Yorkshire in a themed house! This property has 4 different houses for different size groups. Also, it’s located in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park – perfect for countryside walks. As well as being a short drive away from the famous seaside towns of Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay.

A few days away in this quirky accommodation is the ultimate unique travel gift and perfect Valentine’s Day present! Not only is it cool but also saves you having to go all the way to New Zealand to visit the real Hobbiton!

Two-night minimum stay, prices vary by date.

These 17 quirky and unique travel gifts should inspire you this Valentine’s Day! Whether your valentine loves city breaks, beach holidays or backpacking, I hope I’ve covered something for everyone here. Equally important, though, is that every present can be accompanied by chocolates, their favourite drink and flowers – for all the brownie points this year!

Prices and availability correct at the time of writing, but are subject change in future.


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