TRIED & TESTED: LEVEL8 Luggage Review (Check-in/Carry-on)

When an email landed in my inbox asking me if I’d test out some suitcases and write a post about them, I couldn’t say no to this LEVEL8 luggage review.

Mostly, because their products are the type of luggage I’ve been dreaming of for years. Stylish, elegant, robust and built to last. I could picture myself straight away gliding through the departures hall effortlessly…

But then I wondered, was this too good to be true? Isn’t all luggage built to be destroyed by heavy-handed baggage handlers, conveyor belts and long-distance bus drivers throwing your bag in the hold?

Well, it turns out the answer to that is no. Budget suitcases, perhaps so. But high-end products are built to last – which LEVEL8 certainly is. And it’s important to me not be generating waste with low-quality products that don’t last, so an investment in durability is often worth it for me.

So, I was very relieved when two beautifully designed and well-manufactured suitcases turned up at my door. They look classy and they feel classy, so it was time to put them to the test. And I did for almost 2 months before writing this post.

If you’re considering buying a LEVEL8 suitcase, keep reading for my honest review of their luggage and whether I’d recommend them…

This article is sponsored by LEVEL8, who sent the LEVEL8 Textured Carry-On 20″ & the LEVEL8 Voyageur Check-In 26″ to test and try out for the purpose of writing this luggage review. While the post is sponsored, it was agreed beforehand that opinions will be my own honest thoughts.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a qualifying purchase.

Two LEVEL8 suitcases pictured in front of a photo frame full of notes from different countries

What Suitcases are Included in this LEVEL8 Luggage Review?

This review evaluates the LEVEL8 Textured Carry-On Suitcase (green) and the LEVEL8 Voyageur Check-In Suitcase (yellow/black).

To note, both the Textured suitcases and the Voyageur suitcases are available in LEVEL8 luggage sets. Which is perfect if you want matching bags.

However, I never travel with both a check-in and a carry-on suitcase. So, I opted for 2 different types to get luggage most suited to my needs.

Shipping was fast! And within 24 hours of placing my order, I had suitcases delivered to my door in the UK.

What’s more, DPD and DHL are used as couriers for LEVEL8 luggage in the UK. So, I felt reassured that the delivery would get to me on time.

On the day, I had text and email alerts letting me know when the delivery would be made. It was a much more stress-free experience than Amazon deliveries or Hermes/Evri.

A close-up photo of the LEVEL8 Textured Carry-On suitcase in green, looking at the handle and TSA-approved lock

LEVEL8 Textured Carry-On Luggage Review (20″)

I took 3 trips with my LEVEL8 carry-on luggage before writing this review. Here’s my experience of travelling around with the suitcase…

Need to Know Information

I’m not going to bore you with dimensions and fine details of the suitcase. You can find that all on the LEVEL8 website in great detail for every suitcase of every size.

But, the Textured Carry-On is small, lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. It weighs 3.5 kg with a 40-litre capacity, standard for carry-on luggage.

It’s hard-shelled and has 4 wheels – meaning you can push it along rather than having to pull it like with the typical 2-wheeled suitcases.

The suitcase opens up clamshell style – which I love. And each half of the suitcase has zipped dividers, meaning that you don’t have to unpack the whole suitcase if you need to get something out. Plus, the dividers even have pockets on them, perfect for storing small bits that you need easily accessible.

Finally, it has a customisable combination lock which can also be opened by airport security staff around the world with a specific key.

It’s called a TSA Lock – and I thought, being from the UK, this wouldn’t really affect me unless I went to the USA where the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) are. But, it turns out, they were just the first to use it – hence the name – and in fact many other countries have also adopted it.

LEVEL8 Textured Luggage Review

All in all, I really like and rate this suitcase. From my experience, it has a lot of plus points that make it easy to travel with.

First up, I love the colour. It’s easily recognisable and stands out against the normal black suitcases that most people have.

I also love the way it opens up like a clamshell. This makes it easy to pack and separate your belongings. I generally use one side for clothes and one side for electronics, and you can fit a lot in.

That said, the clamshell design does have some drawbacks. You need double the amount of space to fully open the suitcase. Which can be difficult in busy places such as train stations or airports, or in dorm rooms in hostels.

And if you want to have larger items inside your suitcase, then you won’t be able to use the dividers to keep things separate and secure when opening the case.

Another real benefit for me is the 4-wheeled base. I’ve honestly wanted a 4-wheeled suitcase for so long, as they look so effortless to walk with. And, it really lived up to my expectations here.

On carpet, flat ground, inclines, pavements and bricked ground, it’s easy to manoeuvre. It’s also pretty quiet across the ground, so you don’t have the typical suitcase wheels noise as you hit every tiny bump. Plus, for tall people, it’s much easier as you don’t have to stoop or lean so much to keep the suitcase from dragging.

What’s more, the hard-shelled case (made of Makrolon® polycarbonate) keeps everything protected inside. And it also means the luggage retains the same dimensions even when you pack it full to the brim.

I know when I’ve had material suitcases in the past, once they get full the outside starts to bulge. And, if you’re needing to meet strict baggage allowances on planes, this can be a nightmare. Heart in your mouth as you try to squeeze your bag in the sizer at the gate! Big plus point.

The biggest drawback for me is the lack of a pocket or compartment on the outside. Especially with the clamshell design, it’s pretty impossible to get anything out the of case easily once you’re on the move. Somewhere to tuck away your house keys or phone charging cable would make this truly great.

However, this is something that’s available in the Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket and the LEVEL8 Road Runner Carry-On with Laptop Pocket.

Inside of the Textured Carry-On suitcase (20 inch) from LEVEL8

In Summary: Pros & Cons of LEVEL8 Carry-On Luggage

OVERALL: Highly recommend the Textured Carry-On if you’re looking for something more robust and durable than cheaper, high street cases.

You can tell it’s well-made and designed to last. I know I’ll be using this for trips in years to come. It’s perfect for short trips like city breaks, work trips or weekends away.


  • Well-made, secure, sturdy material and a good design
  • Easy to manoeuvre with a 4-wheeled base
  • Convenient zip-up dividers and plenty of space inside
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and quick shipping – free in the USA, Canada, UK and EU


  • No external pockets
  • Has to be fully opened up to access inside

Perfect for:

Those wanting to travel with a robust, spacious carry-on suitcase. Great for short trips on planes, trains and in cars.


Does LEVEL8 carry-on luggage meet Ryanair and easyJet carry-on baggage allowances?

The dimensions of the LEVEL8 Textured Carry-On are 54.5 x 37 x 23.5 cm. This is bigger than the limits for both Ryanair personal items (40 x 25 x 20 cm) and carry-on luggage (55 x 40 x 20 cm). However, the LEVEL8 Carry-On suitcases do fit in the size limit for easyJet large cabin bags but not the small cabin bag included as standard allowance.

The LEVEL8 Voyageur 26 inch carry-on suitcase in front of a blurred tube train in London

LEVEL8 Voyageur Luggage Review (26″)

I took 2 trips with my LEVEL8 check-in size bag before writing this review. Here’s my experience from those trips with this bag…

Need to Know Information

The Voyageur suitcase shares a lot of similarities with the Textured Carry-On. But that’s because many of the characteristics of that suitcase are seen throughout the entire LEVEL8 brand.

Some key similarities include the clamshell design, zipped dividers with pockets, hard-shelled casing, 4-wheel base and TSA-approved combination lock.

But, let’s talk about what makes this suitcase special.

First up, the capacity is huge. The 26-inch version is 93 litres and the 28-inch version is 99 litres. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 carry-on suitcases!

And despite having so much more space inside, it weighs only 5.4 kg (26″) and 5.7 kg (28″). This is less than double that of the carry-on suitcase.

The hard-shell design is also waterproof – although I haven’t tested that. And with the Voyageur Luggage, you also get a waterproof pocket inside on the zipped divider. Great for damp clothes, swimwear or toiletries known to leak.

Unlike the Textured Carry-On, the Voyageur has a wide-handled design. The adjustable handle is the full width of the suitcase, giving you more packing space inside and stability when pushing or pulling it.

LEVEL8 Luggage Review

In a suitcase of this size, the quality of the material and how well it’s made really shines through.

The Voyageur Check-In Suitcase feels totally secure. And I wouldn’t be worried about the contents getting damaged, even knowing how much cases get thrown about in airports.

In fact, the first time I used this suitcase was to transport my monitor – without a box or cover – 200 miles by train. Aside from surrounding it with clothes, there was no extra protection. But the suitcase did its job entirely, even on a bumpy train that swayed side to side a lot.

Another strong travel-related plus point is the bright colour – and other colour options are available. I know when I’m travelling I always get worried that someone will pick up my suitcase by mistake (or intentionally) and walk off with it.

But, with the bright yellow colour, I can easily see if someone picks it up from under a bus, an airport conveyor belt or a train rack.

As much as I do love how big the suitcase is and how much I can fit inside it, the clamshell design really holds it back here. Because it’s so big, to open it fully up with both sides flat on the floor takes up a lot of space.

If you were in a small room like a hostel dorm, an inside cabin on a cruise or a budget room in a city hotel, you might really struggle. Especially if you don’t want to put it on the bed.

Something else to consider is that I found the combination of a full and heavy suitcase with a wide handle made it harder to push around. In particular, on bumpy surfaces and inclines.

To counter this, I found that putting my hand at the front of the suitcase and then resting my forearm along the rest of the handle helped. This way I was able to use more of my arm to control the direction of the suitcase.

However, overall I found the suitcase very easy to manoeuvre and the handle comes to a good height to control it. The 4-wheeled base makes it very easy to push around and you don’t have to drag it anywhere.

The zipped dividers of the Voyageur suitcase from LEVEL8 with a waterproof pocked and mesh divider

In Summary: Pros & Cons

OVERALL: Spacious, well made and versatile. If you don’t like to pack light or you’re away for a longer trip, this is a great option.

I can’t wait to keep using this suitcase on upcoming trips, I already had compliments on it during my journeys so far!


  • Brightly coloured and instantly recognisable
  • Super spacious with more room than you’ll need on most trips – especially if using packing cubes
  • Secure, durable, waterproof and hard-shelled to protect your belongings
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and quick shipping – free in the USA, Canada, UK and EU


  • Takes up a lot of room to open up
  • Harder to manoeuvre when full/heavy

Perfect for:

Those travelling for longer periods or with lots of luggage. Robust and durable check-in luggage for planes and long-distance buses.


A close-up shot of the TSA-approved combination lock on the yellow LEVEL8 suitcase

So, Is LEVEL8 Luggage Good?

Honestly, I was most shocked by how well-made the suitcases look and feel. I’m used to cheap options from supermarkets or high street shops. And these are far superior in comparison.

Because of this, a LEVEL8 suitcase does come at a price premium. They’re not a budget brand.

But, if you’re after cases that are going to last and are going to protect your belongings, LEVEL8 is a great choice and worth the investment.

Do you have any questions or want any more information? If so, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Information is correct as of May 2023 but is subject to change in future.

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